I don’t think anywhere deserves the description ‘most underrated in Spain’ more than Málaga. Here is a city that most people just associate with the airport for the Costa del Sol. Indeed‚ on arriving it’s quite difficult persuading the taxi-driver that you want to turn left and not right.

Nowadays‚ Málaga has as many cultural attractions as most Andalusian cities and more than many. It is‚, of course, ‚ the birthplace of Spain’s greatest modern artist‚ a fact marked by the wonderful Picasso Museum as well as the charming little museum in his home. The artistic heritage is continued in the Museum of Carmen Thyssen and the Spanish home of the Centre Pompidou. In terms of art‚ really only Madrid and Barcelona can compete.

Historically‚ too‚ Málaga has a lot to offer. Some Roman remains‚ a magnificent Moorish citadel and palace‚ a major Renaissance cathedral. It has a spectacular coastal location and its unique bar and restaurant life give the centre a real buzz. It has a handsome centre with wide avenues lined by noble mansions and some stunning city gardens. It has an atmospheric old quarter around the cathedral full of charming and slightly dilapidated squares.

All this alone is worth an extended visit but we are offering a very special extra enticement. We are going to Malaga for Holy Week.

All Andalusian cities‚, of course, ‚ celebrate Holy Week and all are special. But Málaga has something unique and unforgettable. Something that must be experienced. It is the sheer MAJESTY of the processions which is so impressive and affecting. The ingredients (the marching bands‚ the hooded penitents‚ the sculptured floats depicting scenes from the Passion of Christ) are common to all Holy Week celebrations. In Málaga, it is the sheer size of the floats‚ most of which are carried from the outside on the shoulders of 160 people.

In addition to Málaga and all its attractions, we shall divide a day between the spectacular landscapes of and Antequera‚ a fascinating town full of fine medieval architecture‚ Moorish and Christian‚ a superb museum and a handful of fine churches. They too will be celebrating Holy Week

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In a nutshell

Tour dates: 16th – 22nd April 2019

Number of days : 9

Price: £1950 (Prices are per person based on 2 sharing a twin or double room).

Single supplement: £200

Fully inclusive: Flights, transfers, accommodation and meals are all included.

The number in party: 12 – 18


Hotel Don Curro. For 30 years it has been OUR hotel in Málaga. Comfortable‚ very friendly‚ magnificently located (30 metres from the official route of the processions)