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Our 30th anniversary year!

Christopher Pollard has been organizing Escorted Tours to Europe since 1990.

It is difficult to believe that 2019 is our 30th year of touring. But it’s true! To mark this milestone we have devised what we hope is a particularly delectable programme of tours‚ embodying what I believe we do best: tours focussed on lesser-known cities‚ often combining history‚ architecture‚ art and music (Amsterdam‚ Bordeaux‚ Biarritz‚ San Sebastian). Tours celebrating a local festival or an anniversary of interest (Holy Week in Malaga). Tours with a specific theme (Roman Spain) and tours that venture into territory little touched by other operators (Dillington on the Duero). I am delighted to say that we are reviving the Language Course‚ this year in the great city of Zaragoza.

Our exploration of the islands of the Mediterranean continues with Corsica and we return to two favourite cities‚ Bologna and Ravenna. The year kicks off with a blockbuster. After careful research, we feel ready to take clients to the incomparable city of Venice and after the great success of February’s tour this year‚ we are repeating Vienna.

Small group tours where everything's included

As you can see‚ our programme features everything that makes cultural touring so attractive. Wonderful cities (many not so well-known), often in the company of charismatic local experts; unforgettable architecture all in its historical and cultural context; unique insights into the patrimony of wonderful places. In addition‚ of course‚ delicious food and wine‚ opera‚ music and incomparable museums.

We have tried very hard to keep the price of our tours more or less unchanged. The price INCLUDES EVERYTHING (you are NOT sent off to find your own lunch‚ for example). The quality of every element is of the highest – food is excellent‚ wine is always interesting. You are accompanied by experts who really care about your comfort and welfare and our groups are never more than 16 or 17 and often smaller. I truly believe our prices compare very favourably with ANY other operator offering similar tours.

2019 is a milestone year. We hope you find our programme attractive and that we have the pleasure of travelling together in the near future.

Our 2019 all-inclusive small group tours in Spain, Morocco, Italy and beyond.